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St. John Vianney's Primary School Parkdale

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships


At St. John Vianney’s, we believe that young people who are happy, confident, resilient and able to establish meaningful relationships, and navigate the complexities of these relationships, are better placed to form positive habits that will increase their capacity to deal with challenges or changes in their future.


The child is central to everything we do at SJV and we are fully committed to the welfare and growth of the whole child. The caring and nurturing oversight of our staff and families ensures that children learn and grow, with the strong support of the community. 


Social Emotional Learning ( SEL), forms part of our every day.  St. John Vianney’s has a zero tolerance approach to bullying and there are protocols in place to support this.


At SJV we recognise how important the responsibility to support our students is and to develop responsible behaviour through maintaining the following beliefs and practices:

  • Establishing and maintaining a school and classroom climate which is safe, structured and orderly

  • Maintaining a school and classroom climate which promotes personal growth, positive self esteem and cooperation

  • Fostering the values of justice, love and respect by modelling appropriate behaviour and developing supportive and positive relationships with students

  • Developing close partnerships between home and school and displaying sensitivity to the home environment

  • Establishing and maintaining high expectations of student behaviour


At St. John Vianney’s we use many programs, opportunities, strategies and physical spaces to to ensure and support our students develop a healthy mind and body, these are:


  • Social Skills

  • Restorative Practices

  • Year 6 Leadership

  • Prep / Year 6 Buddies

  • Student Services

  • E Smart

  • Vianney’s Values

  • Family Life program

  • Lunchtime clubs such as Origami, Chess and Walking club


Vianney's Values

Vianney’s Values are a major focus here at SJV with all members of the learning community working together to make sure that everyone displays Gratitude, Respect, Integrity, Kindness and Excellence while learning takes place, with relationships and behaviour. 


Student voice was pivotal alongside staff and parents with the selection of these values and what it looks like here at St. John Vianney’s.


We have a fortnightly focus on one of Vianney’s Values where awards are given to students at assembly who display that particular value.

Vianney's Values

Student Leadership

Students at St. John Vianney’s are empowered to actively participate in various leadership opportunities throughout their primary school years. Our SRC and Year 6 Student Leadership  are testament to a long tradition of enabling our children to lead, follow their strengths and interests, learn from others as well as about themselves, and to guide others and represent our school in positive ways.  


Each term, a group of Year 6 students are rostered on and are responsible for the roles involved in one of the three main Leadership Teams.


These teams are:

  • Assembly

  • Social Justice/RE

  • Community 


These leadership roles alternate throughout the year and all Year 6 students get to experience different forms of leadership.

Student Leadership


All Prep students are allocated a Year 6 Buddy to support their transition to Primary school. Through these partnerships, the Vianney’s values of Respect, Gratitude, Integrity, Kindness, Excellence and friendliness are shared between students and strong bonds are developed.


The buddies enable younger students to feel safe and cared for and older students feel a great sense of value and respect. Buddies meet regularly throughout the school year and complete fun activities together. These include: Literacy activities, games, art/craft and shared lunchtimes.


Extra Support

  • In house Psychologist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • School Nursing Program

  • Learning Support Staff

  • Tutor program

  • Intervention programs

Extra Support
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