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Our School

St. John Vianney's Primary School Parkdale

We offer a comprehensive curriculum in line with national and state requirements built on the foundations of our Catholic faith and traditions. Our school is a nurturing environment that seeks to contribute to the community through social justice and faith based actions.


Our school structure is designed to support a student population of up to two hundred students in a community where “Every child - Every opportunity” is fundamental to all that we do. 


The school has spacious, modern learning areas that are well resourced and provide students with the appropriate tools for a contemporary education. 


Our curriculum design follows the Victorian Curriculum F-10 including both knowledge and skills defined by learning areas and capabilities. Our Learning Areas include-The Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, The Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technologies. Our Capabilities include- Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural, Personal and Social capabilities.


We offer specialist subjects including Visual Art, Physical Education, Library, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Cultural Immersion/Language and Performing Arts.  


We have a strong student well-being focus, leadership skills development, sporting program (including VPSSA Mordialloc District), arts experiences and social outreach.


Our current school structure consists of the following year level groupings- Junior (Prep & Year 1/2) Middle (Year 3/4) and Senior (Year5/6) creating 7 class groupings.

SJVS Crest (2).png

Our Vision

St. John Vianney's is a welcoming and supportive Catholic Community of teachers, parents and children who teach and live by the Gospel values of Jesus Christ. We provide a valid and contemporary curriculum that empowers our students to achieve their personal best in their academic, emotional, social and physical


Our Vision

Our Mission

Every Child, Every Opportunity


At St. John Vianney’s we will create a dynamic, Catholic learning community that:

  • Empowers and promotes a love of learning that enriches the learner to own and participate effectively through student-centred, goal directed learning

  • Utilises learning spaces to create energised and active learning experiences

  • Enables students to know the diversity of their potential

  • Creates strong connections with parents, students, staff, and wider community

  • Builds positive relationships in a safe learning environment with a focus on Vianney’s Values of, Respect, Kindness, Integrity, Excellence and Gratitude

  • Connects the learner to their world

  • Links the learner to social justice thinking and action whilst supporting our faith community

  • Implementing expert teaching across all classrooms, to educate 100% of our students 100% of the time ensuring quality learning and teaching programs reflect a comprehensive knowledge of the curriculum

Our Mission

Parish & History

St.John Vianney’s School is one of two primary schools in the dual parish of St.Patrick’s Mentone and St. John Vianney’s. St. John Vianney’s School was officially registered in February 1960 offering a  primary education from Prep – Year Six. 


Since then, it has grown from an enrollment of 40 pupils to its current size of approximately 150 students. It has a strong sense of tradition and is a close-knit and welcoming community. Our school motto,‘Love Conquers’, reflects both our belief in and our commitment to respecting and developing the uniqueness and potential of each person within the context of Catholic faith and education.


The school is named after the patron saint, John Vianney.  He was a French Catholic priest and  is regarded by the Church as one of its great figures simply because he was faithful. John Vianney was canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1925. He is the only diocesan priest ever to be canonized. He is the patron saint of clergy throughout the world.


We share in mass regularly as a school community.

Parish & History
SJVS Crest (2).png

School Prayer & Song

Love Conquers All SJVArtist Name
00:00 / 03:12

Love Conquers All

By Drew Lane

Surrounded by the red,  the blue and the white

Everyone creates a  beacon of light

We strive to succeed,  though we are small

At St. John Vianney’s,  love conquers all


We believe with our heart,  our faith and mind

We are who we are,  together we’re one of a kind

In all we do, love is the key A bond from you to me

So we sing,  S J V is the place to be


We care for each other,  we’re hand in hand

Our community will always stand

With God as our leader,  He shows us the way

With love and respect, each and every day


We believe with our heart,  our faith and mind

We are who we are,  together we’re one of a kind

In all we do, love is the key A bond from you to me

So we sing,  S J V is the place to be


Love is laughter,  love is peace

Love’s the journey  with all we meet

Love is humble,  love’s the call

When love is the key, love conquers all


We believe with our heart, our faith and mind

We are who we are, together we’re one of a kind

In all we do, love is the key A bond from you to me

So we sing, S J V is the place to be

School Prayer & Song

Meet the St. John Vianney's Team

Meet the Team

Mick Schinck



Jill Hannan

Deputy Principal/Literacy Leader/Prep Teacher


Nicole Davies


Enrolments /Finance


Mary Moor

Learning Diversity Leader


Debra O’Shannessy

Prep Teacher


Daniella Cortese

Year 5 / 6 Teacher


Fleur Peppard

Year 1 / 2 Teacher


Luke Brownhill

Year 3/ 4 Teacher


Kylie Kostense

Year 1 / 2 Teacher


John James

Numeracy Leader / Intervention & Extension


Kerry Slater

Religious Education Leader/ Year 5 / 6 Teacher


Laura Heiberg

Teaching & Learning / ICT Leader /Year 5 / 6 Teacher

SJVS Crest (2).png

Chloe Lawlor

Wellbeing Leader/ 3 / 4 Teacher


Taigan Evans

Year 3 / 4 Teacher


Gabbi Davoren

Visual Arts/STEM Teacher


Rachel MCAllister

Physical Education Teacher/ Japanese Teacher


Vicki Dagher

Library/Intervention Teacher

Kathe Murley.jpg

Kath Murley

Learning Support Officer


Beth Wallace

Learning Support Officer


Julia Mascalli

Learning Support Officer


Susan Birrell

Learning Support Officer


Mel Hanson

Learning Support Officer


Lina Greco

Learning Support Officer


Gary Kruger

Learning Support Officer


Catherine Osadnik

Prep Teacher


Lyn Saunders

Learning Support Officer


Philip Daidone

Learning Support Officer


Catherine Weekes

Performing Arts Teacher

Learning & Playing Spaces

The school has spacious, modern learning areas that are well resourced and provide students with the appropriate tools for a contemporary education. We offer break out spaces for small groups and differentiation. 


Our school grounds offer a range of play & recreation experiences for our students including- an oval, adventure playground equipment, passive recreation areas, sandpits, creative play spaces and a kitchen garden area. The majority of our ground development has occurred through the efforts of our parent community with fundraising activities and working bees.


At St. John Vianney’s we encourage children across all year levels to interact and play together in cooperative games and activities. 


There is a master plan in progress for 2024 and beyond.

Learning Spaces


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