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St. John Vianney's Primary School Parkdale

"As a parent, I'm thrilled with my children's time at St. John Vianney’s Primary School in Parkdale. The nurturing and supportive environment is evident from the very beginning. The dedicated teachers create a personalized learning experience, fostering values of kindness, respect, and empathy.

The well-rounded curriculum promotes academic excellence and instils a love for learning. My children have grown intellectually and socially during their time at St. John Vianney’s. The emphasis on moral development has been significant for our family. My children have had various opportunities to participate in school sports, environmental programs, performing arts, and educational extension and development programs.

The school boasts modern classrooms, an open playground, and a well-equipped library that provide a safe and stimulating learning environment. The strong sense of community is evident, with various events bringing parents, students, and staff together. There is always something happening at St. John Vianney’s.

St. John Vianney’s Primary School is an outstanding school that nurtures both academic and personal growth. I highly recommend it to any parent seeking a well-rounded education for their child."




"We are so thrilled with how our child has settled into life at SJV.  From his first day in Prep he has loved every day of his journey so far and I really believe that the smaller size and community feel of the school means that all children no matter what year level or age have some interaction with one another which is a real positive.  The culture that is created by the staff make it such a welcoming environment and that is reflected in the relationships you see between staff, students and parents.  From a parents perspective we couldn’t be happier with how he is thriving at SJV and look forward to next year when our second child starts his journey as well."

- Matt

"We have had 5 children attend SJV our eldest starting in 2012 and our youngest starting in 2023. We love the school because of the small class sizes and the overall size of the school (our biggest drawcard), the community feel of the school and family inclusion in so many activities -  the biggest one the school fete. The support over the last 12 years from the school community has been amazing and we highly recommend the school for its academics, sports and inclusion of all."

Sandra & Leon


Parents & Friends Association

The SJV Parents & Friends Association (PFA) fosters a strong link between parents, teachers and the principal; enables parental participation in our school; and works together with school staff to ensure the best possible outcomes for the benefit of all students. 

Our PFA not only benefits students, but also enriches and contributes to the wellbeing of the whole school community through their positive interactions and support. Parents develop friendships and work collaboratively to support the school and raise vital funds to enhance and improve the school environment and experience. 

SJV is a community focused school and has a great tradition of parental involvement, particularly with our fundraising activities. We encourage everyone to be an active part of our community. All assistance helps no matter how small. Our values to success are communication, dedication, enthusiasm, support and (most of all) fun.

Our number one focus each year is ‘bringing the community together’. Our events calendar is developed and built by imaginative and creative parents committed to finding fun ways to engage our children and community. We are also very lucky that our children are entertained by a number of events that are not typically seen at other schools, such as the biggest event of our school year – The SJV School Fete. This is an amazing event that is not only loved by our school community, but the entire Parkdale community. The Fete has been running annually for over 50 years. 

The PFA warmly welcomes you.


School Advisory Council

School Advisory Councils (SAC) are an essential component of governing and operating Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. They provide a forum for consultation and participation for parish and school communities.


The new governance arrangements were developed through a consultation process with priests, principals and parents around the critical role the parish priest and principal have in leading the school’s mission, with the support of the School Advisory Council. The School Advisory Council members are parents who have been invited by the Parish Priest and Principal to join.


St. John Vianney’s School Advisory Council:

  • Fr. Justin Ford - Parish Priest

  • Mick Schinck - Principal

  • Jill Hannan - Deputy Principal

  • Romesh Rodrigo - Chairperson & Parent Representative

  • Danielle Almiento - Parent Representative

  • Chris Murray - Parent Representative

  • Nathan Viviano - Parent Representative

  • Julie Lane - Parent Representative


Get Involved

We invite our community to get involved with the activities at St. John Vianney’s Primary School. Come along and be a part of:


  • School Fete

  • Mother’s / Father’s Day stall 

  • Mother’s / Father’s Day breakfast

  • Uniform Shop

  • Friendraising

  • Raffles

  • Excursion/Incursion

  • Guest Speakers

  • Reading/Classroom Helpers

  • Parent Information Night

  • Social Events for Parents

  • Graduation

  • Interschool Sport

  • Sports Days

  • Sacramental Workshop Nights

  • Sacraments

Get Involved
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