St. John Vianney's School promotes a secure, respectful and positive learning environment where students feel confident to take risks and are encouraged and validated as individual learners.


Our school is committed to providing for the individual needs of each student through explicit, targeted and focused teaching, informed by student assessment data.


Through our Inquiry Approach students are challenged to become more aware of, and responsible to the wider community.

Our ongoing programs include:


Specialist Programs

  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • LOTE -Indonesian
  • Performing Arts 
  • Library
  • You Can Do IT
  • Stomp Dance program in Term 2 
  • STEAM ( Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths)


Extra Curricular Programs

  • Interschool Sport
  • Yr. 5/6 Outdoor Ed Camp
  • Yr.6 Canberra Camp
  • Sporting Carnivals- Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Summer & Winter team sports
  • Swimming Program Prep-Yr.6
  • School Concert/ Art Show
  • Prep/Grade 6 Buddy Program
  • Excursions & Incursions
  • Spotlight on Learning
  • Weekly Student Organised Assemblies
  • School Leadership Training Program Yr.6 students, in-house and external components
  • Student Representative Council- representation Prep-Yr.6
  • Student Leadership Groups- Yr5/6 students in Sport & Recreation, Social Justice, Environment & Sustainability, Performance and Creative Arts
  • Dolphin Research Institute Ambassadors
  • Chess instruction & tournaments
  • Instrumental Music Lessons in guitar and keyboard
  • Story Dogs Program
  • Junior Mayor


Support and Intervention Programs

  • School based Psychologistand Occupational Therapist 
  • Individualized programs
  • Benchmark Assessment System
  • You Can Do It Program
  • Levelled literacy Intervention 



Classroom Structure- creation of 2 classes per level:

Enables a greater ability to mix children socially

Enables collaborative planning for teachers

Is supported by the Victorian Curriculum


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics

To be taught in 4 week blocks to each class by Gabbi Davoren

Aim to build knowledge and interest in STEAM


Literature Appreciation/Bookclub

Program for Yr.6 students

Working in small groups, reading the same text, discussing plot, characters, etc

Aim to build interest in reading as a personal pursuit and develop an understanding of the writers craft


You Can Do It Program

Program developed by Psychologist Michael Bernard of the University of Melbourne in the late 1980’s and has been refined continually and used in 5000 Australian schools as well as schools in New Zealand, United States, England, Romania and Greece

It’s a Social Emotional Learning Program for increasing the achievement and Well-Being of children and adolescents

Each class has a lesson per week on an aspect of Well-Being, the lesson is taught by Anna Melia and supported by the classroom teacher

YCDI focuses on 3 types of social/emotional learning that moderate the achievement and well being of young people 1) Learning Dispositions 2) Social Skills 3) Emotional Resilience

Aim to equip the students with skills and behaviours


Literacy and Data Assessment

Introduction of the Benchmark Assessment System to better identify the reading and comprehension skills of students across Prep to Year 6

Program implementation is being led by Emma Strom who is assisting teachers with the implementation phase and will then assist with teaching focus

This program is designed to build the reader’s skills in comprehension not just their ability to read the words.




This year we are focusing on teaching Numeracy not only in the hour block per day but also across the curriculum. This will enhance the students knowledge of maths vocabulary and problem solving and connect maths to the real world. Students are all learning mathematics through units of work using pre and post assessments to monitor progress.


Religious Education

This year we are part of a collective with St.Louis de Montfort’s and St.Brigid’s schools to look at how the Religious Education curriculum can integrate with inquiry based learning and be developed alongside Catholic Education Melbourne’s, Horizon’s of Hope education framework. This collective will require our Religious Education Leader, Kerry Slater, along with selected members of staff to attend planning and implementation sessions that will hopefully help to give a contemporary face and relevance to our Religious Education Program.



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