Religious Education

The teaching of the Catholic Faith, celebration of school Mass and preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are key elements of our Faith education.


At St. John Vianney's School our goals in Religious Education are to:

  • Help students develop a conscious, loving relationship with God in Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit
  • Foster the faith development of each student within a Catholic environment, providing opportunities for participation in prayer and worship
  • Give students a sense of belonging to a church bound by history of faith and tradition
  • Integrate the students’ faith development with their life experiences
  • Provide opportunities for parents to renew their own commitment by actively participating in the faith development of their own children
  • Encourage students to live out the Gospel message of love and service to God and each other
  • Assist students to recognize the dignity and worth of every individual and encourage the acceptance of, and respect for personal and cultural difference
  • Develop in the students a particular awareness of Christ through Sacramental growth
  • Encourage students to celebrate Eucharist as the central focus of our Catholic faith


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