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St.John Vianney’s School Parkdale 2022

St.John Vianney’s School is one of two primary schools in the parish of St.Patrick’s Mentone. St. John Vianney’s was officially registered in February 1960 and offers a primary education from Prep – Year Six.


As a Parish Primary school we offer a comprehensive curriculum in line with national and state requirements built on the foundations of our Catholic faith and traditions. Our school is a welcoming environment that seeks to contribute to both the local and parish communities through our social justice, community and faith based actions.


Our school structure is designed to support a student population of up to two hundred students in a community where “Every child - Every opportunity” is foundational to all that we do. The school has spacious, modern learning areas that are well resourced and provide students with the appropriate tools for a contemporary education. Our learning areas include dedicated spaces for- Arts, Indonesian, Physical Education, Library, Technology and Instrumental Music.


Our school grounds offer a range of play & recreation experiences for our students including- an oval, adventure playground equipment, passive recreation areas, creative play spaces and a kitchen garden area. The majority of our grounds development has occurred through the efforts of our parent community with fundraising activities and working bees.


Our curriculum design follows the Victorian Curriculum F-10 including both knowledge and skills defined by learning areas and capabilities. Our Learning Areas include-The Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, The Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technologies. Our Capabilities include- Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural, Personal and Social capabilities.


Our student experiences are built on the Victorian Curriculum and supported with programs to enrich Student Well-Being, Student Leadership skills, Arts experiences, Sports activities and Social Outreach.


Our 2022 school structure consists of the following year level groupings- Junior (Prep & Year1/2) Middle (Year 3/4) and Senior (Year5/6) creating 8 class groupings.


2022 Staffing

Classroom teachers

Prep DO- Deb O’Shannessy

Prep HS Andrea Smith & Jill Hannan (job sharing)

Junior 1/2 FP- Fleur Peppard

Junior 1/2DC- Daniella Cortese

Middle 3/4TD- Megan Heys & Vicki Dagher (job sharing)

Middle 3/4LZ- Leeroy Zamudio

Senior Year 5/6 LH- Laura Heiberg

Senior Year 5/6- Kerry Slater & Genevieve Fikaris (job sharing)


Subject teachers- Art-Gabbi Davoren, Cultural Immersion- Gabbi Davoren, Library- Megan Heys, Phys-Ed- Melissa Roberts, Science Technology Engineering Art & Maths (STEAM)- Gabbi Davoren, 
Maths Support- Kerry Slater


Performing Arts- Drew Lane


School Psychologist - Monica Chester


School Occupational Therapist - Jade Sacker


Learning Support Officers- Lyn Saunders, Susan Birrell, Mel Hanson, Lynne Tyssen, Beth Wallace, Kath Murley, Hannah Harvison, Naomi Nolan, Marianna Zdilar 


Leadership Team-  Principal- Michael Schinck, Deputy Principal- Jill Hannan, Religious Education Leader- Kerry Slater, Student Well Being Leader- Mary Moor IT and Mathematics leader- Laura Heiberg.


Business Manager- Nicole Davies


Instrumental Music teachers- Isaac Chok (keyboard) 






St John Vianney School is a school which operates with the consent of the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne and is operated and governed by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS). MACS governs and operates 292 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese to continue the mission of Catholic education to proclaim the Good News and equip our young people with the knowledge, skills and hope to live meaningful lives and enrich the world around them. Because the good work of educating the young is a co-responsible task led by every member of the Catholic school community, School Advisory Councils have been established to provide a crucial point of connection between the wider school community and school leaders. This governance model was designed to ease the administrative burden on our schools and parishes, allow parish priests to focus on the mission of education in the parish, enable greater collaboration between schools and ensure greater consistency in school policies and procedures. More information on MACS is available at www.macs.vic.edu.au.














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